Please note: we're the original and only source of our independently validated Green Machines. This is a very specific and exact technology.
Therefore, we cannot guarantee or troubleshoot issues with reportedly similar products sold around the web. Thank you for your understanding.


No warranty is expressed or implied concerning the suitability of the H20 GREEN MACHINE for any particular application. Use of this device is at you own risk. This device is not intended for use in violation of State or Federal regulations. Compliance with any State or Federal regulations, where applicable, is the responsibility of the buyer. LODOC Services Inc. and its subsidiary Gulf Laboratories are not responsible for how you use this device.

Warning: Use of this device may cause you vehicle to meet or exceed Federal/ State emission standards and add oxygen instead of poison to the environment.

 Radio Interview

Bill Lang interviewed by the Kentucky Water Fuel Museum

Soon after the interview, we validated those high output results and launched our most powerful and popular systems to-date, the Brown's Gas Injector and our 2nd-generation HydroCharger product line.