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Global Effects

by Bill Lang

More than we know, the future is in our hands. As tempting as it may be to blame huge, impersonal global interest for our current problems we are all affected by our own personal choices. Sad as it may be that we were not taught these things in school our children do seem to be getting the picture quickly.

But are we getting the picture?

"We are running out of time...
We have polluted and peopled this planet to the brink of extinction.
We are destroying our world at a suicidal phase.
We need a pollution revolution!
And it is not going to be easy, because this world is addicted to petrol. And we have limited resources. And we go to war to protect them.
We need a new source of energy and this source of energy must be for free available to everyone. You can sell such technology which produces the energy - but the energy produced by this technology shall be for free for everyone.
We are in sight of a dream!
There is a solution!
The answer is all around us:
Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen."

- Shad Loncar Radio Interview

Bill Lang interviewed by the Kentucky Water Fuel Museum

Soon after the interview, we validated those high output results and launched our most powerful and popular systems to-date, the Brown's Gas Injector and our 2nd-generation HydroCharger product line.